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Tianda is a powerful leader of PP woven industryand devote to making every bag perfect

One of powerful manufacturers of woven bags,the famous manufacturers of food grade woven bags

Strict quality control from material, production process and final inspection

Qualified supplier for World 500 powerful companies

Standardized laboratory perfect quality systemAuthoritative certification, quality assurance

In order to ensure product traceability,we have established a complete batch management system and production record system

We attach importance to the external audit, oversight and obtained the Certificate of ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and BRC

We also pay high attention to the social responsibility and one of the first enterprises of passing the audit of SEDEX social responsibility

High quality raw materials, Exquisite workmanship Good products with good packaging

Unique highlights: Food grade clean workshop ensure the woven bags healthy

Strict process:13 production procedures with strict checking and insepction

We not only supply you with pp woven bagsbut also have strong social resonsibility

We produce high quality woven bags at low cost with powerful R&D and obtain 11 patents

All raw materials and production processes conform to the national standard of environmental requirements

The application of distributed photovolatic power generation,reduction of carbon emission, not only protect the envionment but also promote the development of new energy industry

Free design, One year warranty, Available online Q&A with 7*24 hoursPerfect service system, Attentive service

Overall communication based on the detailed information supplied by the customers to avoid the ambiguous understanding

Mass production as per sample acceptance

Fast feedback: Avaiable online servicewith 7*24 hours. Solve the problem at the shorest time

Attentive service: Follow the mass production progress and let you the latest delivery schedule

Can you meet our demands for the sample testing & the small
pilot order?
Tianda will take cost-effective soluctions to remove the barries on business as per the special needs.
How to do for the instable quality problems such
as printing fading and broken bag?
Don’t worry! 13 production procedures with strict checking and insepction to ensure stable quality.
How to do for the refusal of export due without the export
certificate of the dangerous goods packaging?
We can declare for the customs smoothly depending on the export certificate of the dangerous goods packaging.
How to do if we have no idea of bag size and
quality requirement?
Tianda have the many years experience to make the exact customized bags.
How to do if the suppliers can not meet all the demands due
to different bags with different requirements?
We can supply a wide range of woven bags depending on the strong R&D capabilities and 30 years production experience such as transparent woven bag, anti-ultraviolet woven bag, breathable woven bag,anti-skid woven bag, moisture-proof woven bag, coding woven bag, high temperature restitance woven bag, opening valve woven bag and shopping woven bag.
How to do if the supplier can not meet the required
scheduled delivery due to the massive quantity?
We can meet so massive quantity with tens of million of bags capacity per month,even though for the regular shortage of supply during the Spring Festival holidays because of 95% local employees.
How to do for the most strict requiremnts on food grade and drug grade packaging?
Tianda build the separate food grade clean woven bag workshop keeping up the steps of rapid development of society which ensure to meet your healthy demands.
How to do for the wrongly mixed packaging and loading due to various varieties?
Tianda have the strict implementation of quality management system from raw materials, production process and final inspeciton to avoid such problem occur.
How to do for the quality problems?
Tianda have the attentive after service system to supply soluctions within 24 hours.
Why so many powerful companies cooperate with Tianda?
Tianda have a good reputation in the industry of woven bag depending on good raw material ,good production process controll, strict management system and strong supplying capacity , attentive after service and obtained the award of many world class top powerful companies cooperate with Tianda very well.
How do you have the courage to list your valued customers to public facing so strong competition?
No fear as long as strive to surpass ourselves. It results from self-confidence and strong power of Tianda. It is more important for us beat ourselves than our competitors. What do we dare for our powerful mind.
How to store woven bag to extend the shelf life?
Storage in the clean, dry place and shade from sunlight. No hook,no scratch, be away from fire. We not only pay high attention to the woven bag quality but also care for the finished products packaging.

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About us Panoramic video

Anhui Tianda Eco-Friendly New Materials Co.,Ltd.

Tianda Environmental profile: Anhui Tianda Environmental New Material Co.,Ltd,founded in 1986 , affilicated to Anhui Tianda Enterprised Group, is one of the nationwide top 10 powerful woven Bag manufacturers. Over the past 30 years, We always strive for serve the customers best with the first class Professional skills, create the first class team with the best culture as our vision; strive for wor...

Industry Dynamic Knowledge

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Anhui Tianda environmental protection new materials Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the big green) was founded in 1986, is one of the most comprehensive strength of woven bag production enterprises, Anhui Tianda enterprise (Group) fo[MORE]

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What is the expression of warp and weft density of woven bags?
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What is your minimum order quantity? Transportation can be convenient?
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The bag mouth filoselle how to solve?
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Why do you say that the big bag is not "deep fried"?
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What is a woven bag?
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Woven bags of offset printing, how to ensure the quality of the product?
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How do you control the quality of your products?
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What are the advantages of your company?
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